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The roof is one of the most important structures of your home that helps keep you and your family safe. At Malachi Consulting we want to present you options that not only make sense, but also are practical to your home. With metal roofing we understand that there can be many questions and as to what this type of structure can bring to your home. We're here to answer them all!

Bring The Value Of A Metal Roof To Your Home

Bring The Value Of A Metal Roof To Your Home

Metal roofs usually cost more upfront in terms of initial costs and installation but homeowners need to consider the payoffs of this option. Here are a few of the common reasons we recommend a metal roof:

  • Much more durable compared to conventional roofing methods
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistent
  • Colors that can match your home & reflective
  • Repairs are rarely needed
  • Solar panels can be easily mounted

A metal roof may be the right course of action for you and your home. Call the experts at Malachi Roofing today to get the right consultation.