Let Malachi Consulting Install or Repair Your Shingle Roofs

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When it comes to roofing many like to do in depth research about both the style of roofing they want to install and the company that will do it. At the end of the day the roof can be a pretty big investment and you want to be sure you pick the right people to install the right product.

Are Shingles The Right Option For You?

Are Shingles The Right Option For You?

Each type of roof material has both it's advantages and drawbacks. At Malachi Consulting we are all about educating the client and providing an options that are affordable and meet the purpose of the home. Here are some reasons why we recommend shingle roofing:

  • Affordable
  • Various colors
  • Simple to repair
  • Recyclable
  • Easily installed

At Malachi Roofing, we're the experts in installing shingles. If you want more information or would like to schedule a free estimate, contact us today!