Bring A More Modern & Unique Look To Your Home

With Tile Roof Installation in Round Rock, TX & Surrounding Areas

Tile roofing is not as common in today's market but the overall aesthetic appeal and distinctive look may be the right look for your home to build value or simply give it a completely new look. We at Malachi Consulting can install both clay and concrete tiles to fit the need of your homes. If you're looking for a southwest, Italian, or Spanish design, then tile roofing may be the right choice for you!

Why Tile Roofing?

Why Tile Roofing?

Tile roofing overall does have a much longer lifespan and has a higher resistance against rotting compared to other materials. Here are some other reasons we recommend tile roofing:

  • Withstands all types of weather
  • Better insulation
  • Low maintenance roof
  • Made of environmentally friendly material
  • Cost effective because it last longer and not as expensive as you may think

Tile roofing does sometimes require additional support to allow for the weight of the roof to be allocated accordingly. If you have doubts or questions about your roof, call Malachi Consulting today.