Architectural Metals

Standing Seam

Will the real seam please stand up. This type of fine metal roofing is the industry standard for high quality architectural metal systems. Did you know however that there are a variety of types?

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Formed Panel

There are a couple of primary formed panel systems that are in use today, but a great many more types or profiles are available to consumers.

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Trying to cope with copings can require copious amounts of comprehension; phew. Call Malachi Consulting to sort this one out. For starters, to “cope” anything means to trim or decorate a leading edge (of a building or appurtenance), and typically on three planes.

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Funny word, serious business this component. The word scupper originated ships at sea and is a hole in the side of the vessel to “carry water overboard from the deck”. In roofing, the application is much the same.

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Is your building ‘flashy’? Perhaps but more importantly is it water tight. Flashings are (usually) metal components that assist dissimilar materials, or geometric facets of your roof come together to create a waterproof assembly.

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Custom Fab

So what are you to do if there simply is not a sheet metal component available on market for you to simply “buy”? You call Malachi Consulting and ask us to make the part(s) for you.

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