Standing Seam

Will the real seam please stand up. This type of fine metal roofing is the industry standard for high-quality architectural metal systems. Did you know however that there are a variety of types? The leading four styles of “standing seam roofing” are: mechanically seamed (single or double-locked), batten panel, one or two-piece snap lock, and nail/fastener flange. How would you know which one is right for your application? The answer is to call Malachi Consulting for a full consultation pertaining to your specific project application. No artisan metal contractor can offer a finer steel or aluminum roofing system than us.

Here are a few of the standing seam products and systems that we offer:

Standing Seam:

  • Sheffield
  • Berridge
  • AlumaKlad
  • Copper

Bermuda / Designer Roofing

Stamped Metal Shingle