Screen Systems

What a beautiful patio you have on your home! It’s really too bad you can’t use for 10 months out of the year. Texas heat and bugs are no mystery to anyone who lives here. These two elements prevent you from enjoying the outdoor space that your home comes built with. Malachi Consulting can solve this problem for you by installing the finest screened patio or screen room system that you can find.

We source high quality components direct from Florida through San Antonio and service the entire Central Texas market. Our installers are highly trained professionals who know aluminum extrusion glass and screen assemblies. The raw material for screen rooms is known as “finished product”. This means parts come in twenty and thirty foot lengths, and are painted with a baked on enamel process. The material must be handled with great care and you only usually get one chance to cut the extrusions to fit within a 0.03125 inches tolerance. Simply put; you have to “do it right the first time”. High quality and service excellence are what you can expect to experience when you call Malachi Consulting for your screen room solution. We are often running sales and promotions on these systems especially when raw materials (commodities) take a dip in market price. We pass the savings on to you so call us today for a free no obligation consultation.