Roofing Restoration

Acrylic Roof Coatings

Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic roof coatings adhere well to metal and come in a variety of colors.

When you are looking for a new roof installation, look at roof system coatings as well. An acrylic roof coating provides your roofing system with a clean and aesthetically pleasant look while also working as a cool roof for your property. When administered on your roof, acrylic roof coatings perform as a reflective boundary, bouncing UV rays off of your building. Your air conditioning will not activate as much, decreasing energy costs for your property. Wear on your roofing system lessens, as this coating protects your roofing and its materials to lengthen its life.

Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist is the company to contact for all of your roof coating requirements. To choose the best coating materials to assist your roofing system, our roofing contractors work personally with you. Using the best materials and installation practices, we listen to what you expect from your roof and complete every service to your satisfaction.

Added Acrylic Roof Coating Advantages

Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic Roof Coats Can Save You Money on Cleaning Fees, as They Resist the Build-Up of Dirt.

While a great look and UV resistance are excellent benefits, these are only two of the numerous advantages acrylic roof coatings can provide. They apply seamlessly on your roofing for lasting performance, and can grant an additional 10 years of life to an aged or failing roof system. Many roof materials can have acrylic roof coatings administered because of their first-rate adhesion. Because of this, an acrylic roof coating represents a possible alternative to full roof replacement.

Acrylic roof coating is strong and supplies protection against storms and severe winds. Settled dirt and debris are a thing of the past with this roof coating and its dirt-resistant surface. Since settled debris can encourage the growth of mold and mildew, the slickness of acrylic coatings stands as a premier advantage. Lengthen the life of your roof system with effortless-to-apply acrylic roof coatings and their many advantages.

Elastomeric Roof Coating Application

Elastomeric Roof Coating

Commercial-Type Facilities from Warehouses to Schools Can Benefit from Elastomeric Roof Coatings.

Has the time arrived for you to replace your business roof? A roof restoration could actually provide for your entire needs. Roof restorations represent a wise choice over roof replacement, as they can save your company money and lower the amount of old roofing going into dumps. At Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist, we can provide for the application of an elastomeric roof coating. These remarkable coatings lend quite a few positive advantages to any roof, including a new lease on life.

Elastomeric roof coatings represent the number one selection in roof restoration, and are available in a selection of different types. Contact our team at (512) 520-0523 should you have any inquiries or requests about an elastomeric roof coating in Cedar Park, TX.

Benefits of an Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomeric Roof Coatings Maintain Their Flexibility Even in Frigid Temperatures.

As we made note of above, there are many premier advantages you achieve when you select a roof restoration or roof coating rather than total roof replacement. To begin, most elastomeric roof coatings can be installed right over your current roofing. Because the removal and disposal of a run-down roof can be very expensive, the ease of installation represents a serious money-saver. Also, average commercial roofing materials can take hundreds of years to degrade, so by keeping that garbage out of the landfills, you’re accomplishing your duty to preserve the environment!

An elastomeric roof coating also costs much less than a completely new roof and possesses a much shorter installation time. Created with resilient polymers, elastomeric coatings are a great way to perform minor repairs, as well as waterproof your entire roof. White elastomeric roof coatings will offer even more benefits for energy preservation. Considered cool roofing, an elastomeric roof coating will reflect a high percentage of UV radiation to preserve your roof materials and lower your structure’s temperature.

Polyurea Roof Coatings

Polyurea Roof Coating

Polyurea Roof Coatings Have Premier Water Resistance, and Can Even Cure in Wet Weather.

While there are many varied roof coatings on the market for installation, none are more functional and advantageous than a polyurea roof coating. Polyurea roof coatings are simple to apply, sticking to many different roofing structure materials such as wood, metal, and even concrete. They offer you long-lasting protection for your roofing system and can withstand standing water damage. Because of this water resistance, this coating has a larger window for installation, meaning you shouldn’t be concerned that you will have to reschedule an application due to poor weather.

The quickest and simplest application is yours when you receive this quick applying and curing coating service. At Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist, we give your building quality roofing services, along with a polyurea roof coating in Cedar Park, TX and the surrounding areas. The best roof services and roofing information are always available from our expert roofing contractors. 

Benefits of a Polyurea Roof Coating

Polyurea Roof Coating

Polyurea Will Adhere to Any Roofing Material, Even Metal.

Water-resistance is just one of the many advantages that polyurea roof coatings can give roofing systems. This coating gives resistance to environmental and chemical damage to your roofing system. Abrasions from debris and storms are repelled by this coating’s durability. Metal roof systems stay stronger longer and defend your roof with corrosion protection from an application of polyurea coating.

If you have special concerns for your roof, polyurea roof coatings can be uniquely infused thanks to their versatile nature to offer you even more benefits. One of the more popular benefits that polyurea can be mixed to provide is UV resistance. UV rays can be deflected away from your property, supplying you with additional energy efficiency once your polyurea roof coating is installed.

Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone Roof Coating

A Silicone Roof Coating Offers Unparalleled Protection Against Rain.

Defend your current roof and its materials with a silicone roof coating. Administering silicone roof coatings gives your roofing natural defenses, durability, and water resistance to protect your property from damage. Environmentally friendly, this moisture-curing coat doesn’t give off harmful byproducts that may alter the area around your property. It also applies seamlessly to give you optimal protection against leaks and trapped moisture.

With a wide range of services, Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist is your authority for every roofing system need, from roofing installation to silicone roof coatings. With each service, you get roofing you can count on, along with first-rate customer service. 

What a Silicone Roof Coating Does

Silicone Roof Coating.

Almost Any Roof Can Benefit from the Seamless Protection of a Silicone Roof Coating.

When it comes to protecting your roofing system, silicone roof coatings offer many benefits. No matter how heavy the storm is that’s flung its way, this coating remains resilient. When your roofing has this layer directly administered to it, it provides your roof system UV resistance, allowing it to reflect UV rays away from your property. A silicone roof coating gives you a cool roof system, decreasing energy costs due to its reflective nature. Chalking or discoloration is prevalent with most roof system coatings that suffer heavy sun exposure, but not with silicone roofing.

Another big worry you can have is water damage and ponding for your roofing. Silicone roof coatings behave as a membrane, combating water and ponding through heavy storms. Your roof system materials remain at their best and are even protected from mold and mildew growth. The silicone roof coatings have an anticipated life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. Reapplication does not demand any intense preparations on your roofing. Roofing system preparations commonly involve a power wash before application of your new silicone roof coatings. Silicone roof coatings are excellent for any roofing because they’re easy to apply and they do not need much maintenance.

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