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How Can I Improve the Outside of My House?

How Can I Improve the Outside of My House?

When you are updating your home exterior you have many options to choose from.

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The siding choice you make can affect your home’s curb appeal. What you choose will depend on your budget and your home’s design.

Here is a list of possible of siding options:

  • Brick: This is a traditional option valued for its durability. Brick is popular for both new constructions and for updating home exteriors. It comes in a variety of colors and can stand up to extreme temperatures and severe weather.
  • Wood: Though it can be high maintenance, wood siding is also very durable and versatile. One of wood’s appeals is that can be painted any color that can fit most homes.
  • Fiber-Cement: Fiber-cement looks like wood and is just as durable. It’s also one of the more affordable choices for updating home exteriors.
  • Metal: Metals like aluminum are becoming popular for exterior improvements. Though installation can be expensive, metal siding is very durable. It’s highly weather and fire resistant.
  • Stone: Stone can give your home an upscale look. It’s highly durable and virtually maintenance free. However, among the exterior sidings available, it’s one of the costliest to install.
  • Stucco: Made from cement, sand, lime and water, stucco is particularly popular in the West and Southwest. Stucco is a durable and affordable material, though initial installation may take a long time.
  • Vinyl: One of the most low-cost options for home exterior updates. It’s versatile and comes in a variety of colors to fit most home designs. It’s also easy to install. It’s primary disadvantages are that it’s prone to fading and cracking.

As a low-cost home exterior option, vinyl siding is hard to beat. For any siding installation or repair in Cedar Park, TX, you can rely on Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist.

How much does it cost to change the exterior of a house?

Costs to change the exterior of your home will vary. Much of the cost will depend on the size of your home and the material you choose for the upgrade. Vinyl siding, for instance, averages about $2 per square foot, whereas stone siding will cost about $35 per square foot. You will also have to factor in labor costs.

If you are looking for affordable siding installation in Cedar Park, TX, Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist offers some of the best deals available. Give us a call at (512) 520-0523 to find out more.

How do you do a home curb appeal on a budget?

When you are on a tight budget you can still make home exterior improvements that will improve your home’s curb appeal. One of the least expensive options you can take is painting your front door to fit with your home’s overall color scheme. Additionally, a door can be spruced up with attractive house numbers. Such improvements can cost as little as $25 for good quality paint.

Also, make sure to keep your lawn trimmed up regularly. Trees and bushes should also be trimmed. Other options include cleaning windows and updating light fixtures.

What is the most durable siding?

Among the most durable of sidings for the home exterior is stucco, although stone and stone veneer are some of the strongest. Stone siding, for all of its durability, is also the most expensive to install. Cement-fiber, brick and wood are also highly durable. Brick can last as long as 25 years before needing any repairs. Metal siding is also durable and valued for its ability to resist weather damage and fire. But metal siding is prone to getting dented. Vinyl siding is a low-cost durable option, though it can get damage by high winds and storms. In areas exposed to direct sunlight, it can fade and crack.

How do I give my house curb appeal?

Boosting your curb appeal is easy. You can do simple things like painting your front doors to adding more greenery like bushes and trees. Cleaning up gutters and keeping the lawn neat and trimmed up will improve curb appeal.

In addition, you may want to improve curb appeal by improving on landscape features. Adding hardscape features like pavement or retaining walls can really give your home an extra pop. You can find reliable hardscape services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

Home with exterior

Home exteriors can be improved and upgraded in several ways, from upgrading your siding to improving curb appeal by painting doors and keeping the lawn neat and trimmed up.

Exterior home designs with stone

Home exterior designs made from stone can make a home look as elegant as a castle. In fact, you can design homes with stone exteriors to fit every taste, from two-story manor house styles to simple but elegant one-story cottages or cabins. Designs will depend on what you want to do with the home.

Home exterior cleaning

Keeping your home exterior clean is a must for good maintenance, even with low maintenance siding materials like stone or brick. Cleaning the home exterior also improves its curb appeal. Most siding materials like vinyl can be cleaned simply with a brush and soapy water. Avoid using chlorine bleaches on material like vinyl to avoid stripping away color.

You may also want to reconsider using a power washer on your siding. High pressure water can damage even the strongest of sidings like stucco or wood. If you do power wash your siding, put the washer on the lowest pressure and wash from top to bottom.

Cleaning the home’s exterior will rid it of harmful elements like algae, moss and mold that can damage the home. A cleaning also makes your home shine like new.

Exterior home design

When making any improvements to your home exterior, you’ll want to take your home design into consideration. Unless you are doing a complete makeover, you want to make sure all the materials fit with the design and color schemes.

When you are improving your home exterior and need siding installation and repair in Cedar Park, TX, you can rely on the professionals at Malachi Consulting Roof Specialist. Call us today at  (512) 520-0523.

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